That’s right. I’m here today to reveal all.

Well, maybe not “all”, but…some.

Barring immediate family, my wife and my BFF here are a few things you might find interesting.

The List

1. I’m a geek — no, wait…you probably already knew that

Yeah, like I’m hiding anything in that particular realm. If you read my blog or my receiving my mailing list, you’ll know I’m prone to geeking out about Star Trek, Joss Whedon and role-playing games.

2. I’m a former Military Police officer – 3 years. Half tower rat, quarter desk admin, quarter police work

The only reason I didn’t remain in the military was the running. I hate running. Hate it! On the other hand, if they’d offered me dog school, I probably would have stayed in. As it was they offered me jump school. * snort * Like I’d jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

3. I’ve been homeless

Not often and not for long, but it’s happened throughout my life. I met my wife, Anna, at a homeless shelter in Portland. When I hired on to my current company I was living in transitional housing. The system is there to be used as a stepping stool, and use it we did!

4. I’ve attended 12 schools in 12 years

No, I wasn’t a military brat. Various divorces and remarriages, job opportunities and misfortunes made for a rocky education. I ended up in dumbell math in the ninth grade and spent my senior year in a podunk town with little educational opportunities beyond the library.

The positive I took from that is that I’m well aware of what it’s like to be in a large school district or a total class of thirty-five kids. I’ve lived the range of poverty and upper middle-class. I’ve been the only child, the eldest child, the youngest child and the middle child. I’ve resided in the mountains, small towns, farming communities and cities. I’ve got plenty of experiences upon which to draw in my writing!

5. I’m a recent convert to board games

I know. Board games? That’s Monopoly and Life, right? Heck no! A friend has introduced me to Pandemic!, and it’s an awesome game! Firefly is pretty cool too. My wife and I have gathered a couple of friends and we now meet once a month at our apartment for a potluck and a board game. I just bought Dead of Winter and plan on playing that one in August. Can’t wait!

6. My favorite movie of all time is Galaxy Quest

Life’s too short to be serious. Besides, this movie’s a major spoof of one of my ultimate loves–Star Trek! It’s both hiliraous and familiar as it pokes fun at all the Trek-tropes I’ve known. And it has Sigourney Weaver! With cleavage… Can’t beat that!

7. Ignorance infuriates me

I don’t mean ignorant people who can’t help being the way they are. Mental deficiencies aside, if a person has the opportunity to learn and refuses to do so, I call bullshit. (Needless to say, I don’t pay attention to politics. My blood pressure would skyrocket and I’d stroke out.)

8. I live more in my head than in the real world

This is a result of being a hundred percent introverted. Whether that introversion is by nature or nurture (see #4) remains to be seen. In any case, this is a boon to my readers! I’m always daydreaming about “what if.” I see people out on the street, watch a movie or read a book that strikes my imagination and I’m off on a tangent, daydreaming about what I would do in that lifestyle/situation.

9. I’m Asatru

That’s a religion, not genetics. It involves belief in the Norse pantheon. (Has anyone here seen the television show “Vikings?” Hail, Odin!) I discovered Asatru online over twenty years ago. Upon researching it, I discovered that all of it appealed to me, from the pantheon of gods and goddesses to the practices and beliefs. I’m not a member of a kindred (Asatru’s version of a church.) I’m considered a solitary practitioner. I count Tyr, Odin and Freya as my patrons–those god/desses that align closest with my feelings.

10. I love jigsaw puzzles

Unfortunately I don’t have any room for them in my home. We live in a tiny apartment and table space is at a premium (especially on Game Night! See #5!) I have discovered that I can play with jigsaw puzzles on my iPad and my laptop! WOOT!

11. I obsess

Which is a mixed bag. In some ways it’s awesome–I focus on something that’s grabbed my attention and learn everything I can about it. Nine times out of ten that information will end up in a book. In other ways, not so great–I’m currently obsessed with the Freya’s Tears website and the interior design program I’m using to build the ship…to the detriment of writing my current project, Skagway Bride. Whoops!

12. I’m a firm believer in unschooling

Probably because of #11. I realize that not every kid can unschool, but the most awesome childhood for me would have been to be allowed free reign in all my education. Just give me a list telling me what I needed to have done by the end of the year and let me go. Ah, bliss!

13. I regret not learning the violin in 2nd grade

I came home from school all fired up about orchestra. My first choice was violin, my second drums. I really can’t blame my folks for attempting to impart upon me the true seriousness of such a choice, making certain I was aware of the need to practice and practice and practice. I’m an obstinate person but I wasn’t stubborn about that and let it slide. Hindsight being 20/20…well. You know the rest, right?

14. I don’t read much romance–lesbian or other

Yeah, my lesbian romance shelf is sparce. Despite writing the stuff, I don’t read much of it. There are few authors that trip my trigger, so to speak. Unfortunately a lot of what gets published is just a few steps up from fanfiction to me. This doesn’t mean I don’t read it at all–KG MacGregor’s latest, T-Minus Two, is a fantastic romance with a space-science-geek setting. Karin Kallmaker always has great titles too! Go check them out!

15. I haven’t owned a car since 1992

The joys of living in a city that has a fantastic mass transit system. Plus I only live a mile from work. Most of the time I walk or ride my scooter around town. Every so often I need to leave my stomping grounds, and that’s what the buses are for. On the off chance I want to take a trip to the coast or something, we have a Zipcar membership.

Your Turn!

There you have it. Fifteen things you might not have known about me. Did any of it surprise you?

What about yourself? Are there things that most people don’t really know about you? Are you willing to “bare all” and let your freak flag fly? Comment below and revel in your individuality!