Hi! I'm D Jordan Redhawk

And I write speculative fiction lesbian romance novels, published by Bella Books!
Let me tell you a little about myself.

Boomer or Millennial?

Mighty fine question. Born on the cusp, I missed the Groovy Sixties by thiiiiiis much! Yet I was still too young for the a lot of the Seventies Shenanigans. * sigh * I’m a dyed-in-the-wool introvert, so it’s probably for the best.

Military Service

Did my stint in the military – 95 Bravo, baby! Military Police! Germany in the eighties was a wonderful place to be!

And Beyond

I eventually discovered Xena: Warrior Princess fan fiction and loved it! When I couldn’t find what I wanted to read, I wrote my own, eventually working my way into original fiction.

Tiopa Ki Lakota

Tiopa Ki Lakota was published in 2000, leaving me somewhat astonished and more than happy to see if I could produce another fluke. With the ever-present support from my wife of twenty-eight years, I seem to have succeeded.


* GCLS Goldie, Orphan Maker, 2014

* Alice B. Readers, Body of Work, 2015

* GCLS Goldie, Lady Dragon, 2016


* Finalist, Beloved Lady Mistress, Sanguire 2, 2014 GCLS

* Finalist, Broken Trails, 2015 GCLS

* Finalist, Broken Trails, 2015 Lambda Literary Award

* Finalist, Darkstone, 2016 GCLS

My Work

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