Two months into the year and I’m already lagging behind.

I knew my to-do list might have been too ambitious…


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An awesome month toiling away at blog entries, getting the email list up and running, writing that flash fiction I posted!


Didn’t get a lot done on Darkstone, however, which is kinda the whole point of this website, isn’t it?

Write books – sell books. One generally follows another.

“I’ll buckle down next month.”


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Spent some time sailing on the already completed projects – mailing list entries and blog entries finished, posted, all on automatic.

Spent much more time not writing.

I’ve been shuffling my writing time around, experimenting with writing two thousand words every other day rather than one thousand words each day.

You know, to leave time for other things…

…laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the toilet.

Suffice it to say, the experiment failed.

Not totally, mind you! The house is clean for the first time in forever!


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Last Saturday was my original deadline for Darkstone’s completion.

Bet you can guess what didn’t happen!

I’d say I’m about a quarter of the way through the book. Even if I write a minimum of one thousand words a day, I won’t finish it by April 1st. (No fooling!)

It’ll be close to done, maybe short ten thousand words or so, but still unfinished.


(Here’s where all those goal-setting posts come in handy as reminders, right?)

Now What?

question,the best laid plans

Rather than wallow in guilt, I’ve already shifted my deadline (see the column on the right with my 2014 goal list) to April 1st.

As I said, I probably won’t complete Darkstone by that point, but I’m still going to give it a shot.

Miracles can happen!

I’ve also found a sweet little website for writers that offers some writing prompts – my muse has taken a vacation to get away from winter, so I don’t have a single idea for that short story due later this month!

On a Related Note

February wasn’t a complete productive loss! I received Freya’s Tears back from my editor – the Technical Editing Goddess, Medora MacDougal – and am about finished with the first round.

You know what that means, right?


I’m hoping it’ll be out this summer (preferably before the Golden Crown Literary Society conference here in Portland.)

I’ve had some concerns for this book. My primary character is extremely reticent with her moods, and I found it difficult to get her emotions onto the paper.

MacD is a goddess, however. With her help, the book is turning out emotionally richer than the draft she received.

(Have I mentioned she’s an editing goddess?)

And Speaking of…


I’ll be putting together a pre-order section on this site for all my books.

Sometime (early May, methinks, maybe end of April) I’ll open it up for you to order what titles you’d like to pick up at GCLS.

I plan on having a few copies on hand of Broken Trails, Lichii Ba’Cho and hopefully Freya’s Tears, but if anyone wants any of the other titles you’ll need to order them in advance for pick up at the conference.

I’ll keep you posted on this.

Checking In

Well? How are your goals doing? Are you well within them or scrabbling around at last minute deadlines like myself?

Any pointers on how to stay motivated? Maybe something different will boost my focus!

Comment below or send me an email!

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