A couple of months ago I sent out a survey to ask what you wanted to see on my website. Though I haven’t gotten many responses, I did receive a number that specified one thing I’ve been lacking the last few years.

Discussing my works in progress.

I’m an idiot. Duh.


How’d that happen? I guess I’ve been getting distracted too much.

This site is about my writing and my books. It would make sense that I actually…you know…wrote about my books, correct?

So here’s a bit about the book in which I’ve recently been dabbling, Darkstone.

The Premise

This novel is a modern day fairy tale.

While set in the current day and age, there are elves (at least one anyway,) magical powers (of the unpleasant sort) and goddesses.

Millennia ago the door between this and another dimension was closed by a goddess and her charge.

Fast forward to today and that charge wants to reopen the door and usher magick (yes, with a ‘k’) into the world.

And the darker the magick the better in his opinion.

He’s set the wheel in motion, teaching an apprentice the ceremonies she needs to conduct in order to achieve his goal.

Not to be thwarted, the goddess has recruited her own protege, one who will become a trained assassin to execute the apprentice.

Of course, I write lesbian romance. You know what that means, right?

The two subordinates have to fall in love!

The Apprentice

joram darkstone,d jordan redhawk, darkstone

Joram Darkstone is an abandoned child, a street rat in a large city.

She rummages inside dumpsters in the dark of night for left over food.

Her abode is a hole at a construction site. It’s a given that the workers will eventually discover her nest, but until that time that hole is home.

She sneaks into alleyways in the wee hours to listen to the music coming from pubs and taverns nearby.

Music is her solace, her gift.

Her Gift.

The Protege

naomi kostopoulos,d jordan redhawk,darkstone

Naomi Kostopoulos lives in the eastern European mountains within an almost religious compound.

She’s a sweet and loving child, growing up in a secure environment with people who care for her.

Empathy and compassion are two of her hallmark attributes, nurtured by the woman who is her adopted mother.

Until she’s sent away to a monastery for an advanced education.

She’ll learn more than she bargained for.


I’m about a fifth of the way through the book at this point. The girls have both been run through the wringer, and they’re only fourteen.

My next step is to fast forward to the age of twenty or twenty-one and get the ball rolling on the great “opening of the door” bit.

Both of them have a psychic connection to one another.

Neither of them realize who the other person is…

Fireworks should ensue when they figure it out, huh?

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