Welcome to the latest installment of the Forward Motion Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour! We’ve gathered several writers from amateur to professional, and we discuss one topic for the month. This month’s theme is about that evil thing known as a deadline.

Love ‘em?

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What’s not to love about a deadline? (I’ll answer that one later.) To be honest, it was only when I started getting somewhere in my writing career that deadlines came into existence for me. Because of that, I think deadlines can be a great thing — it means I’m getting somewhere!

Deadlines come into play when you’re contracted to a publishing company for a manuscript on spec, meaning it ain’t written yet, and you’d better get a move on. Hey! It’s a sold manuscript, cash money in the future. That’s always a good thing.

Also deadlines are used during the editing process. A successful publishing company has to schedule their upcoming books throughout the year. Editing has to be done, covers created, manuscripts run through final proofs. This requires the time and attention of more than just the writer. If things aren’t done on time, then the book might never see print!

Having a deadline and meeting it can give a sense of completion to a writer, too. I’ve written it, I’ve edited it, I’ve sent the final proofs back. I’m now free to move on to another project.

Hate ‘em?

Good gods, what’s not to detest about a deadline? I’m hip deep into a novel about Siberian gulags and I get an email with a ninety thousand word novel about Valentine’s Day that needs editing — “Have it back by next Monday.” ACK!

There go the plans for that birthday party, the conference I’m supposed to attend for the day job, and seeing the wife anytime in the near future. The furkids don’t recognize me when I come home, and I’m out the door before the wife returns from school in the morning. If I didn’t have days off from the day job, I’d never see her!

And really? Valentine’s Day? What was I thinking? I’m working on the Siberian gulag right now! I don’t have time for the frilly romantic stuff when I’m busy torturing a completely different bunch of characters.

Having deadlines can be a real pain the the creative derriere, let me tell you! They should be banned from the publishing industry. They are vile, disgusting things that hamper everything in my life.

Good thing they exist, though, huh? Or you wouldn’t be reading this post. It had a deadline, too.

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