Here’s an excerpt of my upcoming novel, Lichii Ba’Cho A little introduction to Dusky Holt, one of my protagonists…

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Chapter Four

Dusky splashed water over her face as she rinsed soap and war paint from her skin. The metal mixing bowl doubled as a washbasin when necessary. Black and white and brown, the dirty water swirled together. It would have been nice to head in to Coeur d’Alene and grab a motel room. A hot shower would hit the spot right now. The war between the Lichii Ba’Cho and the Aryan Nation Brotherhood had made things too hot for that. If she and her companions showed their faces in town, they’d be busted by local law enforcement for every charge they could drum up. What the locals couldn’t think of, the Feds would happily offer. It was far too much aggravation to suffer for the simple comforts.

Shake and Remy had already cleaned the war paint off their faces. Remy had gone out to the road to check for pursuit. That seemed unlikely. By all accounts, the Aryan army had been obliterated, but who knew how many sympathizers they had in the area. Better to have someone check than suffer a surprise attack. Travel advisories hadn’t mentioned that the Brotherhood had instigated the violence, that they had been just as dangerous as their Indian counterparts. No. There had been no mention of the bar fight turned fatal three weeks ago when four of their members murdered Chavez and his girlfriend. Only the Ba’Cho had been mentioned in the news, meaning there were plenty of racist assholes in this area to make trouble for them despite the successful destruction of the Brotherhood. She dumped the dirty water.

Shake sat at the campfire, cleaning his weapons. He’d braided his long hair, wrapping the plaits in orange woolen cloth. A clean towel lay out before him, the pieces of his pistol laid out upon it with military precision. He scrubbed at the barrel with an oiled rag, smiling as Dusky approached. “What are you going to do with that?”

Dusky looked at the scalp hanging from her bike. “Damned if I know. I’ll have to ask Remy if he knows what to do. The skin’s going to start rotting soon.” She put the mirror and bowl away in her bags.

“Don’t need to keep the skin.”

She looked up to see Remy nearing. “What do you mean? Just cut the hair off it?”

He holstered the rifle in a sheath attached to his motorcycle. “Pretty much. You’ll want to tie the hair as close to the skin as possible. Wash it in hot water, cut it off near the skin. Keep the hair for whatever.”

Dusky frowned. “Is that what they did in the old days?”

Remy grinned. “Hell, I don’t know. That was way before my time, youngster.”

Both she and Shake smiled. “If you say so, old man.”

He snorted and took a drink from his canteen. “So, where to?”

“Far from here.” Dusky made a gesture to Shake, and he quickly reassembled his pistol. “I want to put some miles between us and this place before nightfall. We’ll make plans then.”

“Sounds good.” Remy climbed astride his bike, capping the canteen and putting it away.

Shake put away his gear, dusting off the seat of his pants when he stood up. “Colors?”

Dusky gave the question some thought. With the advisory out against them, anyone seeing their jackets would call the law. She’d be damned if she’d run from the field of victorious battle with her tail between her legs. “Colors. We’re Lichii Ba’Cho, the Red Wolves. We’re wild and fierce. Fuck anybody who has a problem with it.”

“Yeah!” Shake stuffed away his gear and grabbed his earbuds.

She donned her own earbuds and mic and started her bike. The wireless unit connected with her companions. “Let’s go. Remy on point.” She heard the rumble of her uncle’s voice acknowledging her order, and Remy led them out to the road. Music threaded into her ears as Shake turned on his road playlist. The music was welcome, a reminder of good times as they traveled across country with their family. It didn’t matter that they were all the family they had left.

I hope you had an enjoyable read! Lichii Ba’Cho will be out by next January, through Bella Books. I’ll keep you posted as soon as it hits the shelves!

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