It’s that time of month again, my entry for the Forward Motion Merry-Go-Round blog tour. This month’s topic is current projects, and boy do I have a lot of them!

The Liz McMullen Show

Sanguire, D Jordan Redhawk, current project, The Liz McMullen Show, Bella Books

Top of the list is the podcast, The Liz McMullen Show. In fact, I’m recording with Liz today! As soon as I know when it come available, I’ll let you know.

Our primary focus will be on the Sanguire series. As far as Works in Progress go, I just finished writing the fourth in that series – Lady Dragon and sent it to Bella Books. I don’t know when it’ll be published, but be aware that the book is on its way and your questions will be answered!

Broken Trails

Broken Trails, D Jordan Redhawk, Bella Books, current project

I just completed the final proof reading of this manuscript last week. I’m told by Bella Books that it’ll be out in June, but I don’t have any idea on the timeline. They had an unexpected gap in their publishing schedule that I was able to slip into so the normal publicity groundwork hasn’t been done — the book isn’t listed anywhere just yet.

I hope it’s ready for the Golden Crown Literary Society conference!


Tiopa Ki Lakota, D Jordan Redhawk     Castle Walls, D Jordan Redhawk     Warlord Metal, D Jordan Redhawk

Something else that occurred when PD Publishing closed its doors was that all my previous titles have become out of print. I signed contracts with Bella Books to have them re-issued as ebooks, however. They already have Tiopa Ki Lakota. I’m going to do a quick read-through of Castle Walls and Warlord Metal before submitting them.

Current Current Project

On Azrael's Wings, D Jordan Redhawk, fantasy, current project

Despite all the excitement listed above, I am working on one particular Work In Progress at the moment.

I’m doing a full rewrite of On Azrael’s Wings. I’m three quarters of the way through the manuscript now and hope to have it completed by the end of the month.

Sure, it’s backlist, out of print from PD Publishing, contracted to Bella for into ebook format. Why put in the work? I don’t know. There was something inherently wrong with the storyline that I’ve been attempting to correct. One of my first readers was finally able to pinpoint exactly what bothered her (and me) about the plot, and I’m correcting that tidbit. Hopefully the reader won’t get to the end of the book and go, “Huh?” anymore.

Next Up?

It’s anyone’s guess.

* I’ve got three manuscripts sitting with Bella now that will eventually need editing for publication — I don’t know which will hit my email box first;
* I’ve got the outline finished for a cyberpunk book — a pseudo-sequel to Lichii Ba’Cho that Bella already has;
* I’ve also got an outline for a historical romance — an 1800s Alaskan mail-order bride novel;
* And a strong hankering to work on a space-opera sequel to Freya’s Tears, another manuscript that Bella has in their hot little hands.

In any case, I’ve got more than enough to keep me busy!

Today’s post was inspired by the Merry-go-Round Blog Tour, an ongoing tour where you, the reader, travel around the world from author’s blog to author’s blog. We’ve gathered several writers from amateur to professional, and we discuss one topic each month. If you want to get to know nearly twenty other writers and see what projects their working on, check out the rest of the tour! On the 12th, the entry was by Bonnie R. Schutzman. Tomorrow, see what Alex F. Fayle has to say on the matter! Happy reading!

What’s on YOUR To-Do List?

Writers never stop (at least I don’t!) I might not be writing all the time, but I’m always picking up ideas and playing with plot lines in my head. What Works In Progress are you involved with? Add a comment below!