Binder Colors

The second thing I want to discuss in this time is the colored labels. They’re located in the Inspector and, as I noted in my last post, they can be added to or edited.

When I first picked up Scrivener, I was working on Broken Trails, revising it to offer to PD Publishing. I meticulously went through my entire Word document, cutting and pasting it into its own project. Then I played around with labels, coming up with a fairly simply layout – Lainey’s point of view, Scotch’s, and informational scenes regarding the Iditarod.



That worked out pretty well. I even found that I could affect the icons in the Binder!




By choosing this option, I got this in my Binder window:


Awesome, right? At a glance I can see who’s getting most of the focus in the manuscript!

Once I did that, however, I was horrified to realize that one of my primary characters wasn’t getting much time in the limelight. I had a lot of Lainey (she really is the main focus for the book, since she leads the reader through the Iditarod,) but Scotch was being severely short changed. In a romance novel, that ain’t a good thing…

Wherever I saw a sea of coral (Lainey’s color), I added a document and labeled it for Scotch. When I did a reread of the manuscript, I came across these blank scenes and, being in the flow of the story, came up with additional scenes so the reader could see how Scotch felt and thought as the novel progressed.

I think that’s when I fell in love with Scrivener…

My next post will be for the Forward Motion Merry-Go-Round-Blog-Tour, but after that I’ll finish out this series with how I prepare a Scrivener project for compiling (read “exporting”) for a Word document.

And I’ll leave you with two images – one is the number of labels I’ve developed for my Sanguire series. The other is the first few scenes of the fourth book (work in progress), entitled “Lady Dragon.”












What About You?

Has this article given you any food for thought? Have you discovered something I forgot to mention? (As you can see above, I’m still learning new things about Scrivener!) Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!