It’s January! (Okay, actually it’s almost February, but you get the drift.)

That means it’s time to reveal my super-duper writing goals for the year!

(Lucky you, huh?)



That’s right, planning for 2016 started last month.

In December I reviewed my 2015 goals. I’d scheduled myself to write two books, build a website and keep up with my blogging and mailing list obligations.

I’m happy to report that I succeeded in most of them this year — WOOT! I’m not that successful every year. But goals (like rules) are meant to be broken, right? (wink)

The only thing I didn’t quite complete was the first book, Ginunngagap, a Freya’s Tear sequel.

After eighteen years of writing, I pretty much know my strengths. I know how many words I can put out in a year if I focus. Therefore, it’s no great strain for me to write two books.

And last year I didn’t start slipping on the mailing list or blogs until almost the end of the year.

(In my defense, there was an issue in RL that took precedence for about a month. The only thing that saved my bacon was the fact that I’d written blog posts out a month in advance.)

So here’s what I came up with for this year.


2016 Goals


    January 1st – launch Freya’s Tears site
    January – create outline/summary for Pixie Freight Hopper
    January 31st – edit completed Yukon Treasure
    January 31st – achieve Bella deadline for Yukon Treasure
    February 1st – submit summary to Bella
    February 1st – begin writing Pixie Freight Hopper
    May 31st – edit completed Pixie Freight Hopper
    May 31st? – achieve Bella deadline for Pixie Freight Hopper
    May 31st – outline and begin Freya’s Tears #3
    July 31st – complete and post Freya’s Tears #3 on the site
    July – create outline/summary for Project #2
    August 1st – submit summary to Bella
    August 1st – begin Project #2
    November 31st – edit completed Project #2
    November 31st? – Achieve Bella deadline for Project #2
    All Year – Edit any manuscripts that hit my inbox


    Write one blog post per month for a total of 12
    Write one W&W blog post per month for a total of 12

Mailing List:

    Write one mailing list post per month for a total of 12


Yukon Treasure

By the time you read this, my next book — Yukon Treasure (formerly known as Skagway Bride) — will have been completed. I’ll be polishing up the details and sending it on.


Freya’s Tears

A couple of weeks ago I opened a subdomain with a fresh free novel based in the Freya’s Tears universe. I’m about four scenes away from completing the novel, so head on over and check it out! It’ll be completed within the week!

As you can see from my goals, I plan on writing a third novel for Freya’s Tears later this year. It too will be online for free. I’ve ripped through the last two, so I’m relatively sure I can add another novel to the series and still get two publishable books out this year.


Pixie Freight Hopper

That’s the working title. I haven’t a clue what it’ll be called yet, but I have the outline writtten. As you can see, I’ll be completing a summary and sending it to Bella in a couple of days. Wish me luck!


Final Project

Of which I have no clue. No plot, no characters, no idea. I don’t expect that will last long however. I’ll be knee deep in the Pixie project when someone will come banging on my mental door, demanding equal time. As soon as I know, I’ll change the list of goals I keep on my website.


Set Your Goals Now!

What about you? Have you set any goals for yourself this year? It’s never too late! (Well, maybe in December it would be.)

If you’re new to writing, my goals might seem overwhelming. You could set yourself a single goal for the year — 500 words per day. That’s it. Master that in a couple of months and you can jump it up to 1000 words per day if you want.

Five hundred words a day, minus two weeks of vacation, equals one hundred seventy-five thousand words.


That’s at least two full-sized novels and some change!

Take the baby steps now and you’ll always be edging closer to your goal.