That’s right! Last week I conducted a book giveaway for my latest book, Lady Dragon — due out next week! Not only was I giving away the fourth book of the Sanguire series, but I offered a four-book personally autographed package!

Only three people entered the drawing before the deadline. But you don’t care about that. You want to know who gets to bring home the prize!

Drumroll please!

Congratulations go to:


(insert fireworks and huge brass band playing here!)

You’re the lucky winner of all four books in the Sanguire series!

I’ve already emailed Dora and will send her books out as soon as I receive my author copies of Lady Dragon.

Thanks to everyone who joined in (all two of you! LOL!) Don’t be discouraged and stay tuned! I’ll be doing more giveaways as more books come out, promise!

Happy Reading!