As I’ve stated in my book notes time and again, no one writes in a vacuum. The same can be said about publishing and website design! Here is a list of links to people and programs that have helped me create my books and my site for your enjoyment. Feel free to explore them!





Apple Macbook Pro – Yep, I’m an Apple fanatic! I made the switch over ten years ago, and never looked back. My model isn’t as new and beautiful as the one portrayed on the website, but it’s still well worth the cost!


Scrivener – I can’t gush enough about this program! It has saved my butt countless times since I picked it up, from helping me flesh out Broken Trails for the rewrites to organizing my newest project, Lady Dragon, Book 4 of the Sanguire.


Visual Thesaurus – Nothing beats a regular thesaurus. I own the 6th Edition of Roget’s, and it’s absolutely fantastic but huge! For mobility’s sake, this program helps shore up the gaps when I’m really looking for a particular word.


Microsoft Word for Mac – Word is the standard in the publishing industry when it comes to edits. Unfortunately. No other Apple specific program has been able to cover the track changes function well enough to compare so I’m stuck with it.





Bella Books – No list about publishing can be complete without this link! Bella Books is my current publisher, and home of the Sanguire series.


Forward Motion Writing Community – FM was created by Holly Lisle and a tremendous asset to beginning writers. Not only does this bulletin board offer community and support, but there are also a number of lessons to be had. Immensely helpful.





Dreamhost – This is the company that hosts this domain. I’ve been with this company since 2006 and haven’t had many issues. Their tech support is quick and thorough, and up-time is pretty good. Well worth the cost!


WordPress – While you can go to and create a free blog, I use the program itself on my domain. It’s pretty easy to do, and gives me full control of everything on the site. (Drop me a note if you want some help!)


Free Images (formerly Stock.Xchng) – Almost all the photos used on this site are from Free Images. They have a large selection of free images for the website owner. Despite being free, many of the artists create cheap quality work. Just pay attention to the copyright restrictions!


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