Short Stories

These are a series of tales that I’ve written over the years for various reasons. Some came about because the spirit moved me, and others were in response to various contests or requests. I hope you enjoy them!



* Blood Benediction — Ever wanna meet a vampire?!
* Coming Home A PWP vignette for CyperEpic as the pair celebrate Dusky’s birthday.
* Dancing — originally written for a second anthology by Fortitude Press.
* Dear Toni — also originally written for the Fortitude Press second anthology.
* Divine Desecration — What seems to be a walk in the woods turns into a surreal nightmare. Academy Halloween special, 2001.
* Finding Family — depressing entry to the Willamette Week’s short story competition.
* Getting Lei’d — I love Hawaii. You will, too.
* The Highwayman — my interpretation of the folk song.
* How Could I? — old lovers meet again.
* Lap Dance — does this really need an introduction?
* Memories of Maddie — dealing with Alzheimer’s.
* Proxy Personals — this is what happens when the author is bored and reads personals ads…
* Rude Awakenings — dreams can be interesting, can’t they?
* Spectral Supplication — A PWP about a ghost who interferes in a romance.
* To The River — A PWP to Tiopa Ki Lakota as Anpo returns from travels to a warm welcome.
* Unearthly Reunion — what happens when you discover your long lost lover on your doorstep?
* When in Rome — …Do as the Romans. Enjoy a span of time in the notorious bathhouses with a beautiful woman.