Note: This tale was a submission to Fortitude Press’ At First Blush.




     “Dawn, are you sure?”

     “I’m sure, Lacey!” Dawn crossed her arms, leaning against the counter and staring at her roommate’s black evening dress with amused exasperation. “You look great!” Nudging the woman with her shoulder, she added, “C’mon. It’s not like you’ve never gone out with her before. What’s the big deal? Why are you so nervous?”

     Feeling heat rise to her face, Lacey peered closely at herself in the bathroom mirror. Hazel eyes stared back from a round face framed by dark brown hair. “Fantastic,” she murmured. “Forty years old, and I still blush like I’m fourteen.”

     The other woman chuckled. “You look cute when you do.” Dawn pushed away from the counter. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

     Lacey felt warmer. Without looking at her reflection, she knew she was bright red. “Um … well … Sarah and I … ” She trailed off, rolling her eyes. “Look, just don’t expect me home tonight.”

     Watching Lacey dash out of the bathroom, Dawn questioned, “Oh?” A moment passed before it sank in. “Oh!” She trotted after, finding her friend in her room, rummaging around in a closet and muttering to herself. Standing awkwardly at the door, Dawn chewed her lower lip. “So, it’s that serious,” she stated.

     “I think so,” Lacey said, stopping to look at her friend.

     “What about Marie?”

     Lacey shook her head, making a dismissive gesture. “She’s at her father’s house for the weekend. I don’t expect her back until Sunday. She’s got my cell phone number if there’s an emergency.”

     Dawn nodded. “And Joel … ?”

     With some reluctance, Lacey nodded. “He knows. I mean, how can I hide from him that I’m seeing Sarah when our daughter has such a great relationship with her?” She shrugged. “I’m just glad that Marie’s sixteen. He can’t very well sue for custody without a fight from her, too.”

     There was silence as they regarded each other. A smile lit Dawn’s face, and she approached her friend, arms wide. “Have fun,” she whispered into Lacey’s ear as she hugged her. “And be safe.”

     Chuckling, Lacey hugged her in return. “I don’t know how I’m going to have fun! I’m as nervous as a long-tailed cat!” She pulled away, tears of tension stinging her eyes though the smile was still on her face. “It’s been six years, Dawn. And never a woman … ”

     With a laugh, Dawn patted her on the shoulder. “Guess that means I shouldn’t expect you home before next month.” Seeing the brilliant flush on her roommate’s face, she laughed again before walking out of the room.

     Lacey grumbled, “Thanks. Some friend you are.” She continued going through her closet, worrying. At the sound of the doorbell, she froze, looking at the clock in astonishment. “Already?” Downstairs, she could hear Dawn answering the front door, and a wave of nervous anticipation washed over her. “Get a grip, girl!” Grabbing her overnight bag and purse, she left the room.

     “She’ll be down in a minute, I’m sure,” her roommate said.

     “Less than a minute,” Lacey corrected, coming down the stairs. Her first glimpse of Sarah, clad in black slacks and a white shirt open at the collar, caused her heart to lurch pleasantly. Smiling, she sank into a welcome hug. “Hi.”

     “Hi. You ready to go?”

     “She’s more than ready, I think,” Dawn supplied with a wicked grin.

     “Be quiet!” Lacey exclaimed with an embarrassed laugh, slapping her friend on the arm.

     Sarah chuckled and pulled Lacey close. “Good to know I’m not the only one.”

     Rolling her eyes in mock annoyance, Lacey asked, “Can we go now? Please? Before I lose all my dignity?” She was swung about and squeezed tightly. Looking into sea green eyes, Lacey felt the world slip away.

     “Your dignity will always be intact with me,” Sarah whispered.

     Dawn broke into the tableau after a few moments, clearing her throat. “Well, you know the drill, Sarah,” she said as the pair separated. “Be careful, don’t drink and drive, use protection and have the youngster back before midnight.”

     “Yes, ma’am,” Sarah answered smartly. “Would that be before midnight tomorrow? Or the following day?”

     Lacey was surprised to see her friend blush for a change. “Oh, I think the following day would be fine. Don’t you?” she asked her date.

     With a bark of laughter, Dawn opened the door and waved them through. “Get outta here!”

     Arm in arm, they meandered down the walk toward the car. “Want to put that in the trunk?” Sarah asked.

     “That’d be good.” Lacey handed the overnight bag to her, watching the play of sunlight across Sarah’s short brown hair. Her gaze leisurely wandered along, noting the tanned skin, slightly crooked nose and long neck. As the trunk closed, eyes snared hers.

     “What are you looking at?” Sarah asked, a slight grin on her face.

     Lacey stared for a moment longer. “Perfection,” she finally said.

     Flushing with pleasure, Sarah stepped onto the curb and took her arm. “In that case, we have a lot in common,” she said, guiding Lacey to the door and opening it. “Your chariot, madam.” Once she was settled, Sarah closed the door and went around to the driver’s side.

     “Where are we heading tonight?” Lacey asked as the engine roared to life.

     “Oh, I thought the traditional dinner and dancing would be nice; it’s Queer Night at the Ballroom. Or we could go to a movie and make out in the back row.”

     Lacey chuckled at the thought. “I haven’t done that since I was sixteen,” she said with a fond expression.

     “And not with a girl, either, I’ll bet.”

     “You’d win that bet!” She watched the scenery pass by. “I can’t believe I was so dense for so many years.”

     Sarah shook her head. “Not dense. You’re one of the smartest women I know. Some just take longer to realize how they’re happier.” She shrugged, grinning crookedly at her passenger. “You know what they say about late bloomers … ”

     “No. What?”

     “They become the best-smelling flowers,” she responded, wiggling her eyebrows.

     Lacey shook her head with a grin. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

     “Please do.”

     Dinner was a quiet affair, a tiny Italian restaurant where they ate manicotti and drank wine. They filled their table with laughter, sharing jokes and dessert. There was some last minute maneuvering over the check, with Lacey winning by virtue of the fact Sarah had paid on their last date. Soon they were on the road again, the last of daylight burnishing the sky.

     “Looks busy,” Lacey said as they pulled into the lot.

     Sarah nodded, parking the car. “First decent weather this spring; it’s no wonder. I’ll bet the terrace is going to be packed.” She stepped out.

     Lacey remained in her seat, waiting for the passenger door to be opened. It was funny that in twelve years of marriage to Joel, he’d never shown such chivalry as she’d seen from Sarah. She smiled softly to herself, remembering their first official date and the seriousness in Sarah’s voice as she’d explained she enjoyed doing these things.

     “Penny for your thoughts,” Sarah said.

     With a shake of her head and a chuckle, Lacey climbed out of the car. “Nothing. Just remembering our first date.”

     “Ah, an auspicious beginning,” the woman quipped as she retrieved a jacket from the back seat. “Would that be when I tripped and fell? Or perhaps the fatal peanut moment?”

     “Neither,” Lacey said fondly. “Though I think choking on a peanut was just your ploy to get mouth to mouth resuscitation.” She stepped forward to help fasten and straighten Sarah’s bow tie.

     Sarah shrugged and feigned innocence. “I’ll never tell.” She locked the car and crooked her elbow, resting her other hand on Lacey’s as it wrapped around her forearm. “Did I tell you that you look beautiful?”

     “Once or twice at the restaurant,” Lacey allowed with a pleased smile, following as they approached the establishment. “Have I told you the same?”

     “I seem to have some recollection of that.” At the door, Sarah paid their cover price to an elegantly dressed woman before leading them into the ballroom.

     Lacey frowned in worry. “Think I’m underdressed?” she asked softly.

     “Naw. Drag queen,” Sarah said with a wink. “They dress like that all the time.” She turned her attention to the floor, scouting for a decent table.

     Eyeing the doorwoman in amazement, Lacey asked, “How could you tell?”

     Shoulders shrugged. “Dunno. Gaydar, I guess.” Spying a likely spot, Sarah led them across the room.

     As had been suggested by the parking lot, the ballroom was crowded. The orchestra was playing a jazzy tune, and several couples were on the floor, dancing. Wait staff in cummerbunds and bow ties roamed about, requisite white towel across one arm and tray of drinks in hand. On the far side of the room, French doors opened onto the busy terrace full of packed tables as people enjoyed the late spring warmth.

     Sarah arrived at a vacant table near the floor and held the chair for her date, easing it forward as Lacey sat down. An attentive waiter approached, and she ordered drinks for both of them. “Did you want anything to nibble?”

     “No, thanks. I’ve got you,” Lacey responded, toe tapping to the music. She watched the dancers, a smile on her face as her date became flustered.

     The waiter was sent away for their libations, and Sarah moved her chair to sit close. “You’re evil,” she whispered into Lacey’s ear.

     Shivering, Lacey smiled, and she turned to meet Sarah’s gaze a fraction of an inch away. “Thank you,” she breathed, leaning closer to nuzzle a cheek. “I learned from the best.” The resulting husky chuckle caused a warm sensation in her belly, and she was drawn into an embrace.

     “I’ll take that as a compliment,” Sarah murmured.

     “Please do.”

     Several moments passed before Sarah pulled reluctantly away. “We aren’t going to get any dancing done at this rate.” She paused. “At least not the kind suitable for public consumption.” Their drinks arrived, and her attention was diverted by paying the waiter. Once that task was accomplished, she held out her hand. “May I have this dance, madam?”

     “Certainly, madam,” Lacey answered, smiling. She was led onto the floor and spun about to face Sarah, stepping into her embrace as the orchestra played a waltz. Around them other couples swayed in time with the music, but she was oblivious, immersed in the presence of her future lover.

     Their meeting two months ago had been purely accidental. Lacey, in an attempt to regain pieces of herself long abandoned at the wedding altar, had returned to her hobby of ballroom dancing after the divorce. It had been slow going at first as she relearned steps long forgotten, but her dance companions were patient. One fateful evening, Lacey had mistaken the day and arrived at the Ballroom on Queer Night.

     She had paid her cover charge and already had drink in hand before she got a close look at the dance floor. Women danced with women, men with men. Several minutes passed before she could collect herself enough to leave. Just as she had risen, blindly reaching for her wrap, Sarah had arrived and asked for a dance. The resulting confusion and blushing on Lacey’s part only served to make Sarah laugh and be pleasantly insistent, promising that nothing untoward would occur. Lacey had finally yielded, more out of politeness than anything else, and agreed to one dance.

     It had been wonderful.

     Just like now, Lacey thought, relaxing into the motion as they glided about the floor. Her left hand rested in Sarah’s, and a warm palm cupped her shoulder, gently guiding her through the steps. The world drifted away. All that remained was them and the music. Like the first time.

     Pulling away when the song ended, Sarah grinned into Lacey’s eyes as they politely applauded the band. Another waltz was begun, and she crooked an eyebrow in question, smile widening at her date’s agreement.

     The evening was spent in wine and music, tangos and waltzes. Upon request, the orchestra played a salsa tune while two women danced to the Latin beat, the floor packed with spectators as they swung and whirled about with abandon.

     Sarah reluctantly released her hold on Lacey as she clapped for the now-winded dancers. She captured her date once more, spinning her around and leaning close. “You know how to salsa?”

     Snuggling, Lacey shook her head. “Unfortunately, no. What about you?”

     “Nope.” She shut her eyes, inhaling Lacey’s perfume. “Whaddya say we take lessons?”

     The thought of Sarah’s hands intimately touching her during the dance caused shivers. Lacey wrapped her arms about her date’s waist beneath her jacket. “I think that is a wonderful idea,” she murmured in response, voice husky.

     They stood silently for several moments, feeling their hearts beat.

     “Let’s blow this joint,” Sarah whispered before kissing an available ear.

     Lacey’s slow burn of arousal suddenly roared, mixing with trepidation. “That’s an even better idea.”

     They paused at their table long enough to finish their drinks and collect Lacey’s purse. Soon they were leaving the parking lot, heading for Sarah’s apartment. The trip was made in silence. When not shifting gears, Sarah’s hand rested lightly on Lacey’s, fingers caressing, soothing.

     At the apartment, Sarah paused a moment before getting out of the car. “If you’re uncomfortable … ” she began.

     “I’ll be fine,” Lacey insisted with a smile. “An occasional attack of nerves, but I know you’ll help me through. Thank you for being concerned.” She reached out, cupping Sarah’s face. “That’s one reason I love you.”

     Sarah crooked an eyebrow. “Only one?”

     “Trust me. There are plenty more where that came from.” Leaning close, eyes locked on Sarah’s, Lacey whispered, “And I’m going to show you each and every one tonight.” Their kiss coursed through her, causing her heart to thump with a pleasing rhythm.

     Breaking off, Sarah gasped, “I think we’d better get inside before my neighbors get more than they bargained for.”

     Lacey inhaled deeply before opening her eyes. “That’d probably be for the best.”

     After retrieving Lacey’s bag, the two women walked arm in arm until they reached Sarah’s apartment. There, they parted long enough for her to let them inside. She switched on a light, tugging uncomfortably at the bow tie still fastened about her neck. “Go ahead and have a seat,” she said, setting the overnight bag on the floor. “Want something to drink?”

     Lacey said, “Sure. Tea would be nice.”

     “Tea it is. I’ll be right back.”

     Lacey sat on the couch, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. She could hear noises in the kitchen _ water running into a kettle, the click of a stove as it was put on to heat. Her palms ran restlessly along the material on either side as she fought with her resident butterflies. “I am still fourteen,” she muttered.

     “What was that?” Sarah asked, draping her jacket across an armchair before sitting beside Lacey.

     Blushing, Lacey opened her eyes. “Just marveling at my new found adolescence,” she said, rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

     Sarah chuckled, putting an arm around Lacey’s shoulders. “Me, too.” They cuddled in silence before she said, “Making out in the back row still stands, you know. We’ve got modern technology – a DVD player with stereo hook up. We could turn out all the lights and pretend.”

     Much as the thought appealed to her, Lacey smiled but declined. “No. No pretending. Not this time. This time,” and she leaned in for a kiss, “I want to concentrate on you.” Their lips met and Lacey sighed, relaxing once more into Sarah’s arms, their connection from the dancing bringing them closer. She gave a moaning sigh as her lover’s tongue explored her mouth, eagerly meeting it with her own.

     Time crawled as they kissed, hands at first tentative becoming bold with desire. Each touch of Sarah’s brought Lacey alive as the trusted hands now guided her into a completely different dance. It was several moments before either of them registered the sound of the teakettle.

     Breaking away with a breathless chuckle, Sarah murmured, “I’d better get that.”

     Lacey nibbled Sarah’s lower lip, pleased at the resulting gasp. “You’d better. Wouldn’t want the neighbors to complain.” She watched her disappear into the kitchen, musing over the distinct differences between men and women. Touching her lips, Lacey recalled Sarah’s first kiss and how wonderful it had been, impossibly rough and soft at the same time.

     “Still want that tea?” Sarah called from the kitchen.

     Mouth dry from desire, Lacey swallowed. “Yes, please.”

     Soon Sarah returned with two steaming cups, handing one to Lacey before resuming her seat.

     Inhaling deeply, Lacey smiled. “My favorite.” She sipped cautiously, tasting smooth honey beneath mint tang.

     A slight grin of wonder perched on Sarah’s face as she watched Lacey close her eyes, savoring. “If the English enjoy theirs with as much abandon as you, I can see why tea time is a national institution.”

     Lacey blushed and opened her eyes. Refusing to be daunted, she said, “It should be. Biggest mistake the colonies made was banishing tea time.” For effect, she took another taste, humming in pleasure, eyes becoming hooded.

     Sarah’s smile disappeared as she set her cup to one side, doing the same with Lacey’s before wrapping one hand in her lover’s dark hair.

     The ravenous kiss didn’t last long, Lacey gasping as Sarah broke off to feast on her neck and throat. Fingers played in Lacey’s hair and on her skin. She opened herself for further exploration, finding the back of Sarah’s head, caressing, urging. Thought flickered away as Sarah began staking claim to her body.

     Firm strokes ran along Lacey’s thigh, traveling upward. Sarah squeezed the rounded hip before continuing on to the curve of waist, hand splayed to cover more territory. Her lips weren’t idle as she nibbled the vulnerable flesh before her, feeling the hum of her lover’s verbal responses on her mouth. Cupping Lacey’s breast, Sarah brushed her thumb across the distended nipple. She couldn’t help but moan at the response as the woman clutched her closer.

     Conditioned to years of heterosexual living, Lacey released her hold long enough to fumble at Sarah’s belt. Before she could complete her task, her hands were snagged and imprisoned. Lacey blinked owlishly at her lover, a tremor running through her.

     “Not yet, love,” Sarah husked. She licked her lower lip, panting slightly. “We’ve got all night long, and I plan on using every minute of it.”

     Belly and heart twisting, Lacey felt a sudden throb between her legs.

     Sarah continued to speak, holding Lacey’s hands before her, punctuating her words with kisses to the fingers. “The goal isn’t to climax. It’s to take as long as possible to reach that point.” She peered over the knuckles she held. “Are you game?”

     Lacey could only nod, rewarded by a brilliant smile.

     “Good.” Releasing Lacey’s hands, Sarah rose, leaving her lover to stare after her with an expression of confusion. She flipped on the stereo, strains of the blues floating from the speakers, before returning to the couch and reaching for her lover. “May I have this dance?”

     A smile flickered across Lacey’s lips, and she took the hand offered. “Certainly.”

     Unlike their usual ballroom dancing, Sarah pulled Lacey into a tight embrace, wrapping her arms about her lover. Lacey sighed pleasurably, sinking into the dance, pressing against Sarah’s slightly taller frame as she followed her lead. Her arms wrapped about Sarah’s neck, hands running through the soft, short hair. Gasping, she felt warm wetness beneath her ear, and she moaned in response.

     Standing allowed Sarah greater access, and she restlessly roamed her lover’s body. Hands ran along sensitive ribs, brushed against the rounded outline of breasts, massaged shoulder blades. She shifted her stance so that they were straddling each other’s thighs, pressing together as she traced an elegant ear with her tongue.

     At first unsure, Lacey let Sarah lead, reveling in the sensations her touch created. Groaning at the gentle contact between her legs, she pressed forward, seeking to strengthen a connection that wasn’t adequate. Soon she decided she’d been passive enough. With deliberate movements, she pulled slightly away, dropping hands to Sarah’s breasts and cupping the gentle swells.

     Sarah froze for a moment. Wondering if she’d be thwarted, Lacey squeezed, leaning forward to kiss the base of her lover’s throat, visible at the collar of her open shirt. The resulting moan urged her onward, and she nibbled delicately, marveling at the soft breasts beneath her hands as she continued her caresses. Sarah’s hands left her back, one digging into Lacey’s hair and the other traveling south to squeeze her buttocks, bringing them closer. On fire, Lacey growled and bit down, pressing against the thigh between her legs, her fingers finding and pinching nipples.

     The dance all but forgotten, the pair moved to their own music. Sarah, still guiding Lacey’s head as the woman bared more of her throat, lifted her lover’s dress with a free hand, slowly raising the hem until fingers came in contact with silky underwear. Rubbing gently, she traced along the panty line until her fingers brushed the inside of quivering thighs.

     Lacey gasped, blood on fire as their dance progressed. In answer, she tugged at Sarah’s shirt until it was no longer tucked in, sliding hands inside, enjoying the skin’s heat as she fumbled for the brassiere hook. It took several maddening moments before she was able to release it, not having been on this side of a make out session before, but she was eventually successful. To make up for lost time, she intently explored warm breasts, moaning at the sensation of hard nipples against her palms. So familiar, yet so different.

     In response, Sarah gasped and clutched at her lover. She left off her attentions to Lacey’s throat and ear to kiss her, a heated exchange that succeeded in turning their knees to jelly. Unsteadily, Sarah pulled back. “I think we need to take this somewhere else,” she rasped, panting.

     “I think you’re right,” Lacey nodded with a swallow. She removed her hands from her lover’s shirt, saddened at the loss however short it might be. Stepping back, she had a sudden bout of self-consciousness and blushed, busying herself with straightening her dress. “Where would you suggest?”

     Sarah’s only answer was to offer her hand.

     Realizing that this was the point of no return, Lacey hesitated the barest fraction of a second. Her eyes took in Sarah’s rumpled shirt and half open belt, the mussed hair and over-bright eyes. God, she’s beautiful. Enamored, Lacey took her lover’s hand, following her lead yet again.

     The bedroom was dark, the only illumination a streetlight outside. Once inside, Sarah released her lover with a murmured, “Just a second.” She rummaged near a nightstand, the click of a lighter loud to Lacey’s ears. Sarah lit a handful of candles located about the room, their flame lending a soft glow. Tossing the lighter onto the nightstand, she turned back to Lacey with an intent gaze.

     Captured by the expression, Lacey stood still as her lover approached, every fiber of her being wanting to reach for the other woman. Sarah kissed her lips once _ a chaste peck _ before pulling away, moving around her. One hand trailed behind her, caressing in the aftermath of her passing, and Lacey’s eyes closed. The fingers drew along her cheek, down her throat, lightly brushing the bare skin above her breast before reaching her shoulder. She shivered as Sarah stopped, bringing her other hand into play as she moved long hair aside to trace small circles on Lacey’s neck and upper back.

     Sarah’s touch drew down, and Lacey could hear and feel the pull of the zipper as her dress was opened. Breathing became more difficult as her lover’s hands slipped inside to tease her, moving forward to set her stomach muscles quivering at the long-awaited touch. She leaned backwards, supported by Sarah as she lost herself to the sensations, humming softly when her lover nuzzled her neck and ear. Unable to keep still, Lacey reached behind to caress Sarah’s thighs.

     In response, Sarah’s hands drifted up, cupping breasts, squeezing them. A gasp erupted from Lacey and she arched, opening herself as she pressed backwards with her hips. She was rewarded with a groan from her lover and rigorous attention as Sarah rolled erect nipples. Lacey clutched at the thighs beneath her hands in a vain attempt to bring her lover closer. She felt Sarah’s shirt against her bare back, teeth at the nape of her neck, a hand releasing her and wandering down her belly.

     Fingers dipped beneath the waistband of Lacey’s panties and inched through curly hair. Where the cleft sheltering her sex began, Sarah stopped, pressing lightly with one finger. Lacey, braced for a full frontal assault, released the breath she’d been holding. Her confusion passed quickly as the sensations rolled over her, the pulsing between her legs exploding into a pleasant ache. She pressed forward, hips tilting as she tried to urge her lover on, her groan ragged with need.

     Sarah refused to go further, preferring to move her finger in slow, small circles. She continued playing with Lacey’s breasts, alternating between them as she tasted the sweet skin of her lover’s throat and ear. “God, I love the way you move,” she whispered, nipping at a lobe, pinching a nipple in counterpoint.

     Gasping, Lacey licked dry lips, her body on fire. Her grip on Sarah’s legs had changed to pulling, tugging at the cloth. It occurred to her that she was free to explore, to not be the passive partner. She released Sarah’s thighs, hands unerringly finding her lover’s under her dress, pressing, directing. Eroticism caught her in its grip as she felt the satin texture of the material move beneath her touch, seemingly of its own volition.

     The guiding hand was slower, more purposeful, and Sarah followed the lead. She massaged with firmer force, less frantic activity, a gradual buildup of pressure on the nipples. Her reward was a low groan from Lacey, who released her, dropping her hand to the other at her crotch. Sarah found it difficult to hold back as Lacey undulated, pressing against her, urging her hand further south. Deciding this had gone on long enough, her finger dipped into wetness, slipping across Lacey’s distended clit once before pulling away.

     Lacey growled, trying to keep Sarah’s hands in play as they slipped away beneath her clothing. Unable to stop their progression, she wavered as Sarah stepped back. The coolness of the room whispered across her bare back, the open dress moving fluidly as her hands remained at her crotch in an attempt to rub the aching need away. Her efforts weren’t enough, and she sighed, turning to see that her lover was partially naked.

     Sarah was unfastening her belt – shirt, shoes, socks, and bra on the floor. Lacey licked her lips as her eyes wandered over her lover’s slender frame. Following her lover’s lead, the brunette stepped out of her dress, letting it puddle at her feet as she slipped from her shoes. Intent on their task, Sarah’s hands jerked when they were pulled away. She found her arms full of a lustful woman and pulled Lacey close, gasping as their bodies came together.

     Hard nipples poked into her breasts, and Lacey squirmed against them, enjoying the sensation. She continued working on Sarah’s belt and offered her lips for a kiss, not disappointed when Sarah groaned and acceded. Breaking away, she began mouthing Sarah’s heated skin, moving south until her tongue unerringly discovered what it was looking for. Sarah gasped at the wetness circling her nipple, her hand tangling in Lacey’s hair, fingers restlessly roaming the scalp.

     In little time, Sarah’s pants dropped to the floor. Lacey was amused and fascinated to find men’s boxers beneath. Biting at the nipple in her mouth, she slipped a tentative hand into the underwear’s opening, firmly caressing the curls inside. Her fingers stroked wetness, and a rush of passion flooded her veins. It sang to her as she searched lower, brushing her finger through the slickness, feeling the hitch of Sarah’s hips.

     Lacey’s reward was firm hands pulling her toward the bed. It was impossible to continue her attentions to Sarah, and she disengaged, preferring to kiss her lover voraciously as they crossed the room. The mattress pressed against her legs, and she fell backwards, losing the contact as Sarah straddled her, attacking her breasts with her mouth. She cried aloud when a hand cupped her sex, massaging through her panties. “What happened to taking as long as possible?” she gasped, groaning when more pressure was used.

     Mumbling past the flesh she tasted, Sarah growled, “It’s been long enough.” She left off her attentions, working her way down Lacey’s body, nipping and licking a path.

     Lacey trembled, her hands finding Sarah’s shoulders, a trail of fire coursing through her body. Warm palms caressed her thighs, rubbing the quivering muscles from knee to hip. Sarah scooted off the bed, kneeling on the floor between Lacey’s legs, pulling her closer to the edge. With no preamble, she licked a wide swath across her lover’s panty-clad sex, the hands on her shoulders clutching in response.

     As Sarah’s fingers reached the waistband of her underwear, Lacey felt teeth through the cloth and pushed upwards with a grunt. Her panties slid past her lifted hips, and Sarah pulled away, taking the underwear with her. Looking down her body, Lacey saw her lover press the panties to her face, eyes closed, as she inhaled deeply of the maddening scent before dropping them. The look in Sarah’s eyes set off a shudder of arousal in Lacey, and she reached for Sarah with a low groan.

     Hands started at Lacey’s ankles, sliding up her shins and across shaking thighs, spreading her legs. She could smell her own arousal _ a muskiness floating between them _ as Sarah eased forward. Lacey closed her eyes as she felt hot breath teasing her sex, hands reaching to caress her breasts.

     The first contact was gentle and sweet, Sarah’s tongue tracing a path between her legs. Lacey gasped, nearly forgetting to breathe, having never experienced the like. It was fluid and carnal, something her body had been calling for from the first kiss they shared. Sarah settled into place, firmly stroking, tasting her lover and humming with pleasure.

     Drawing her knees up, Lacey opened herself to further exploration, moaning as Sarah increased the tempo. She perched her feet on the edge of the bed, pushing into the mouth that loved her, hands finding Sarah’s head and urging her on. Sarah released one breast, scratching down Lacey’s body.

     When fingers entered her, Lacey called out, her hips rocking harder. Sucking the swollen clit, Sarah pumped in and out, her free hand still attending one breast. The only things to be heard were Lacey’s grunts and pleas and the moist sounds of their coupling. Becoming louder as she neared orgasm, Lacey called for her lover as she came, clutching Sarah’s head to her, thighs quivering.

     Sarah eased away from the now languid woman, licking her lips. A soft sigh came from Lacey, and Sarah smiled as she climbed onto the bed, settling atop her lover, holding her, comforting her.

     After several moments, Lacey opened her eyes to look dreamily at Sarah. “Wow,” she whispered. “That was unbelievable.”


     Another sigh, and Lacey brought her arms up to hold Sarah, cuddling. “Can I have this dance?”

     Her smile widening, Sarah said, “I thought you’d never ask.”