Lap Dance

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          “Why you looking so glum, sugar?”

          I shook my head, putting my cellular phone in my jacket with a frown. “Audrey’s going to be late,” I said, raising my voice to be heard over the music from the next room.

          “Ah, baby, I’m so sorry.” Millie rubbed my upper arm, her face wearing an expression of sympathy barely discernible through the heavy make up and five o’clock shadow. “What happened?”

          “Some idiot she works with opened up the latest email virus and her bosses are having conniptions.” I took a drink from my beer bottle. “She’s got to get the network back up for them tonight.”

          Millie sighed. “Let’s find the idiot and teach him an email lesson he’ll never forget!”

          Despite my disappointment, I chuckled. “I wish.”

          “It’s probably just as well,” Millie drawled, tracing an invisible design on her chin with a long, painted fingernail. “She’ll want to wish you a Happy Birthday in a much more personal way, I’m sure.” She suggestively wiggled dark eyebrows at me.

          I grinned at her expression. “Must it always boil down to sex with you, girl?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

          “Si, senorita,” she said, her voice affecting a heavy Spanish accent. “This Latina lover can think of nothing else in your presence. Surely your girlfriend of several years is of the same mind!”

          “Save it, Millie,” I mock growled at her, refusing to respond to her exaggerated pout. “You’re as Latin as you are female.”

          Suddenly concerned, Millie leaned closer, running the back of her fingers along her cheek. “Do I need to shave?”

          I burst out laughing, interrupted only by an ineffectual swat on my arm. “Hey! Be careful! Those talons draw blood!”

          “Then be a gentleman and stop picking on the lady,” I was admonished.

          “Yes, ma’am,” I said as contritely as possible, which wasn’t saying much as I was still chuckling.

          Millie did her level best to ignore me, pulling a compact out of her handbag to examine her appearance and add a touch more powder. “You’ll get yours, Ms. Oh-So-Superior,” she warned. “Mark my words.” Before I could respond, she gave me the evil eye. “You’re an old woman now – the Big Four Oh.”

          I groaned. “And you’ll never let me forget it, will you?”

          She flashed her teeth at me. “Why, sugar, what are younger friends for?”

          “Hey, Ray!” a woman called from the other room. “Get out here! There’s someone to see you!”

          Curious, I left the hotel bedroom for the adjoining suite, Millie following.

          Seven of my closest friends were in the process of whooping it up. The room was bedecked with traditional black and white decorations, mourning my entry into official middle age. Hastily constructed, an incidental table had been converted into a bar; it was buried under alcohol bottles, a beer keg keeping company nearby. A dining table was covered with munchies and a large sheet cake showing a caricature of me chasing a nurse via wheelchair. The television was on, but I doubt anyone had been watching the thing. Right now everyone’s attention, mine included, was centered on the woman just inside the door.

          Not tall, her lack of height was well made up by her looks. She had long, dark hair and expressive brown eyes. A tan trench draped across her, the belt firmly tied to reveal a small waist.

          As I approached, my friends began slapping me on the back and hooting. I shook my head at their antics, a vague grin on my face as I approached the woman.

          One of my friends, Rose, threw a companionable arm around the woman’s shoulders as I neared. “This,” she said, waving at me, “is Desiree Williams. Ray? This little lady’s been looking for you.”

          I gave a puzzled smile, holding my hand out to the newcomer. “Have we met before?” I asked.

          Shaking my hand, the woman smiled. “No. Actually, I’ve come to deliver a message.”

          “Message?” I glanced around the room at my friends, noting their avid interest. “What message?”

          She reached into a pocket and extracted a cassette tape. Handing it to Rose with a wink, she untied her trench. “A birthday message, of course.” Peeling off her coat, she revealed a sexy red dress that definitely left nothing to the imagination.

          I blinked at her a moment as another friend of mine courteously took her jacket and the rest of the room whooped in delight. Rose had dutifully turned off the television and loaded the cassette into a boom box. The woman, a sultry smile on her face, reached up to my shoulders and began pushing me backwards until I stumbled into a chair and sat with a thump.

          “Give her some room!”

          “Turn up the music!”

          “Oh, Ray! Man, you should see your face!”

          God, I am just so happy that Audrey isn’t here, I thought as the woman stood in the center of the room before me.

          The music began, a leisurely beat with lots of bass. Legs spread and hands in the air, she stood still for just a moment before bringing her hands down to run along her body with slow purpose. Her palms flat against her body, she leaned down as she slid lower until she was nearly bent double. Tossing her head back, she revealed far more cleavage than I thought was possible in such a small woman before her eyes caught mine. I swallowed on a dry throat.

          Her body began moving to the beat, her hips and rear swaying as she began the process of righting herself. I could tell by the reactions of my friends on the other side of the room that they had a wonderful view. Even Millie looked rather intrigued, though she was probably taking notes more than anything.

          My attention returned to the woman as she firmly stroked her breasts, head back, before moving on to play in her hair with a lustful expression. After a bit more fondling through her clothes, her hands drifted to the front of her dress where they began to slowly undo the buttons that held it together.

          I’m really glad Audrey isn’t here.

          Stopping only after a couple of buttons, she opened her dress just enough to reveal a lacy bra. She moved closer to me, bending over again to give me a very clear view of cleavage. I choked on my beer when someone slapped me enthusiastically on the back.

          Moving away, the woman worked the room, getting up close and personal with everyone. Even Millie got into the act, performing a mirrored bump and grind that had our friends whistling and cheering in appreciation.

          When she returned to me, her dress was unbuttoned to below the navel, everyone now aware that her panties did indeed match her bra. She circled my chair, sliding against me, running fingers through my hair, bending over to rub her ass against my shoulder.

          Did I mention my relief about Audrey not being here?

          She pranced around a bit more before sliding out of her dress. Or did her dress slide off of her? Whichever the case, it made for a pleasing visual that got quite a rave from my friends.

          The first song faded into another, the change in tempo hardly noticeable. Pulling away from me, the woman stood just out of my reach and resumed her original stance. This time as her hands traveled down her body there was a collective groan from her audience, me included. At her breasts, she stopped before firmly grasping and kneading them, her eyes closing in enjoyment.

          Turning, she continued to run her hands down her body this time giving me the unobstructed rear view. I’m positive I was as red as her discarded dress as I licked dry lips and swallowed hard. Confident in her effect on me, she looked at me from between her legs, hands running up the back of her thighs, and winked at me.

          I drained my beer as she rose from her position. It didn’t ease my thirst in the least. She spun around and sidled toward me. Placing her hands on my knees, she squatted down to the floor between my legs. My friends were whipping themselves into a frenzy as the woman slithered up my body a hair’s breadth away.

          She was nose to nose with me and I could feel the heat radiating off her. I know everyone was clamoring, but damned if I couldn’t hear them. Smiling at me, she knew the web she wove was a thorough one as she slid her hands up my thighs to my hips. From there she transferred her touch to my shoulders, using me as support.

          Thoughts of my girlfriend were long gone as the woman straddled me. She closed her eyes as she pressed forward, tossing her head back with a sigh. I inhaled deeply, liking her smell and wondering if I could or should touch her. Her hips moving back and forth cried out for guidance. I had to forcibly remind myself of Audrey.

          In a swift motion, she was on her feet and spinning around to sit in my lap. She wriggled pleasantly, leaning back against me and allowing me to nuzzle her neck. Someone yanked my empty beer bottle from my grasp before I could drop it and I wisely grabbed onto the seat of the chair with both hands. She altered between caressing herself and grasping my thighs.

          Using my body as support, she stood again, hands resting on my knees and feet planted between mine. Her panty clad behind was inches from my face as she cocked her hips from one side to the other. I couldn’t even hear the music over my friends’ voices as they called out instruction and encouragement.

          If I ever find out who hired a stripper for my birthday, I thought to myself, I’d kill them. The woman must have read my mind as she glanced back at me and winked. Whirling, she straddled me, head tossed back as she undulated along my body.

          On the other hand, I amended as she drew upright, her bra undone and straps drooping down her arm. Maybe I’ll give them a medal.

          She eased out of the straps, keeping one arm across her breasts. While I breathlessly awaited the unveiling, my friends offered her moral support in the yelled promises of lots of tips. Quirking an eyebrow at me in question, I was unable to respond, frozen by the fact I was very much in love with Audrey despite my body’s insistence that monogamy left much to be desired.

          An expression of understanding flickered in her eyes and she grinned before whisking the brassiere away. Her breasts looked so inviting, the nipples a darker brown than her skin. I stared, eye to nipple, as the room exploded with excitement. My eyes lost focus when she leaned forward, hands behind my neck as she guided my head to her chest. As she wriggled against me, her tits soft and yielding next to my face, I wondered if I was in heaven or hell.

          The music died and she pulled away just a little, enough to put her mouth beside my ear. Despite the cacophony of several dykes whooping their approval, I heard her say, “Audrey says Happy Birthday.” She kissed my cheek before standing to accept her accolades.

          As my friends tucked money into her panties and tried to arrange a more personal venue, I swallowed hard. Audrey? My dazed eyes flickered around the room, stopping at the door.

          Audrey was there, wearing the slinky black dress I had given her on our last anniversary. Smiling warmly, she stepped forward as I rose.

          Big four-oh, maybe. But I think this birthday’s going to be the best one yet.