Slow Movin’

Slow Movin’ was originally conceptualized as a series of ten short stories that tell the story of Lisa ‘Slow Movin’ Phillips and her coming of age. Since that time, I’ve written other PWP shorts for the Royal Academy that are not canon. I’ve separated them in this index to indicate the difference.

* Slow Movin’, canon, Slow’s discovery that her high school crush returns the sentiment.
* Tutorin’, canon, Elle invites Slow to her bedroom for . . . tutoring.
* County Fair, canon, the end of summer days and beginning of something more.
* Bleedin’ Hearts, canon, Elle is gone for good and Slow is spending a stormy night alone until a visitor arrives.

Non-canon shorts:

* Slow Valentine, written for the Royal Academy’s Valentine special, 2004.
* Birthday Gifts, written for something, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what.
* Need a Lift?, written for the Royal Academy’s Valentine special, 2005.