orphan maker

Orphan Maker – that’s the “next big thing” coming from my laptop. It’s scheduled to be published on January 15th by Bella Books. WOOT!


As is the case with some books, I needed to make some serious cuts to this one. I had a lot of flashbacks peppered throughout the manuscript, and they didn’t work well. It upset the flow of the storyline with all the jumping back and forth.

In an effort to alleviate that, I restructured the manuscript to start “at the beginning” with the first flashbacks and work through to the end.

(Insert game show buzzer here.)

Yeah, that didn’t work, either.

Ultimately, I simply cut the extraneous scenes and filed them away.

You know what that means, right?

Orphan Maker Bonus!

I’ve added two of those backflash scenes to my Online Reading page. I’ll add more in the coming weeks so you’ll be able to enjoy more “history”.

Have fun! Happy reading!

(And don’t forget! Bella Books will have this book available in just a few more days. Ebook, too!)