Alaskan Bride

Bella Books

Publication Date: August 2016

ISBN: 9781594935015

Price: US $16.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 240


Finding a husband after the American Civil War isn’t easy.

When twenty-two year old Bostonian Clara Stapleton discovers the address of a likely bachelor in the wilds of the Alaskan bush, she throws caution to the wind and sends him a letter. Soon she’s on the adventure of her life, leaving the comfort and stability of a well-to-do family for a man she’s never met and a life of uncertainty.

Callie Glass isn’t happy with her brother Jasper’s proposal to a mail-order bride, though she knows it’s not her call. And when a tragic accident takes Jasper Glass’s life, Callie doesn’t hesitate to call off the wedding in a letter to Clara. Callie is soon surprised to find a strange woman settling into her cabin, a stranger who had never received news of Jasper’s demise.

While Callie insists that the other woman should return home, Clara digs in her heels. If Callie can live without a man in this isolated land, why can’t she? Both headstrong women struggle in the ashes of their dashed hopes and dreams, slowly coming together to forge an alliance for which neither is prepared.

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Clara Stapleton

Seeking a life of adventure has always been her goal. Therefore, rather than accept proposals from the dowdy old men known to her father, Clara takes a leap of faith and answers a matrimonial advertisement. Her true love responds, and she leaves everything she’s ever known to reach the wilds of Alaska. Unbeknownst to her, her groom-to-be dies in an accident. Will Clara be able to convince his recalcitrant younger sister that she’ll be an asset to the homestead? Or will she be sent packing?

Callie Glass

As she wallows in her despair at her brother’s passing, Callie is surprised to find a young woman settling into her cabin. It’s been a month of recriminations and thoughts of suicide, all of which fall by the wayside as she’s forced to deal with a stranger, one who’s quite adept at the feminine wiles that Callie lacks. Despite her better judgement, Callie allows Clara to stay…until the townies get wind of two women “shacking up.” One is hot to take care of old grudges now that Jasper Glass is dead, and no well-to-do Boston woman is going to stop him.

What People Are Saying:

This is the kind of story that Redhawk does best—women in the wilds of Alaska, driven by love of the untamed beauty surrounding them and an internal determination to succeed in adversity.

Lamda Literary Review

Just loved the two main characters, both women strong in there own way.

…you can almost smell the countryside and the town itself.

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