Beloved Lady Mistress, Book Two of the Sanguire

GCLS Goldie Finalist, Speculative Fiction, 2013

Bella Books

Publication Date: July 2012

ISBN: 9781594932946

Price: US $15.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 284


The completion of the Strange Path on the night streets of Seattle has made Whiskey a formidable Sanguire. As she embraces her rising power she equally pushes away the whispers of prophecy. Some believe that Whiskey is the reincarnation of their lost Queen Elisibet.

Whiskey might come to believe it—she dreams through Elisibet’s eyes. Those dreams are dominated by the cruel and terrible Valmont, former friend and ally of the lost queen, and also Elisibet’s assassin. Whiskey grew up on the streets. She is no fool. She knows if she were Valmont, she’d be looking to silence the upstart who threatens her power and gives hope to her enemies.

Battle lines are being drawn. In spite of all that she has learned and the undoubted power she can wield, Whiskey must decide if she wants any part of a Sanguire civil war.

The mesmerizing Sanguire trilogy from D Jordan Redhawk unveils the bloody balance of an ancient conflict between undying races.

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Whiskey Davis

Months have passed since Whiskey Davis has discovered she’s not human, months of learning how to lead the pack of vicious Sanguire younglings she’s inadvertently inherited. It isn’t until the mysterious Margaurethe O’Toole arrives that Whiskey begins to fully understand her place in European Sanguire society…and in Margaurethe’s heart.

Margaurethe O'Toole

Centuries after the death of her heart and soul, Margaurethe O’Toole is both ecstatic and terrified. Whiskey professes to have Elsibet’s memories. Does she remember their love, the destructive spiral that had whirled about them more than four hundred years ago? And if she doesn’t, can Margaurethe set her agony aside to assist her lover’s reincarnation back into a seat of power?

What People Are Saying:

The building of the alternative world is exquisite and draws the reader right in. Great book!


If you like alternative vampiric story lines, intrigue, and mystery this is a good book to read…

P. Bettencourt

…combines the suspense of Whiskey working to keep her pack and herself safe with the awkward reuniting of soul mates who are each not what the other expected.


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