Broken Trails

GCLS Goldie Finalist, Contemporary, 2014

Lambda Literary Award, Finalist, 2014

Bella Books

Publication Date: June 2013

ISBN: 9781594933899

Price: US $15.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 388


Scotch Fuller has already run the Iditarod three times and is preparing for a fourth attempt. Her single-minded focus on the rigors of training allows her to forget the shocking loss of her lover in a tragedy for which she blames herself.

The only race Lainey Hughes runs is away from her past and into the bottom of a bottle. After a devastating injury in a war zone, she’s continued her photojournalist career in the natural beauty and warmth of Uganda. A trip to Alaska to cover dog sledding is not what she wants, but the lure of a paying gig proves too tempting.

Lainey trusts her camera and Scotch trusts her dogs—and neither cares much what the other thinks…not at first.

Love runs hot in the cold Alaskan night in this long-awaited romance from D Jordan Redhawk.

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Scotch Fuller

There’s nothing better than racing dogs in the Iditarod, and Scotch Fuller is an up-and-comer in the sport. She lives and breathes sled dogs, but finances restrict her from running every year…until an international educational magazine, Cognizance, sends a reporter her way. Before Scotch knows it, she has a stranger living in her cabin, learning how to run the Iditarod, a tantalizing stranger with personal baggage.

Lainie Hughes

The only ice Lainie Hughes likes is what’s floating in her Scotch. Little does she know how apt that wisecrack turns out to be when she’s needed to take over a gig in wintry Alaska. When she bumps into Scotch Fuller–literally–she’s smitten. Though she hates the cold, she’ll brave months of it to be near the lanky musher. In no time, she’s finds herself on the ride of her life, both on the trail with her furry team and in her heart.

What People Are Saying:

It’s about family, love, devotion (whether to family or to an animal or pet), adventure, nature & that connection. I loved it! It was an adventure, a building love & of trust between both people & animals. Excellent read!


I definitely enjoyed this book and will be revisiting it and enjoying it again. I’d recommend this book to those who love a well written romance, with a little bit of Alaskan cold, and some iditarod huskies.

Jean Rose

The story leads us through an entire race and I must say that I was intrigued and hooked…I absolutely loved the ride and the slow burning romance.


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