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Publication Date: December 2015

ISBN: 9781594934735

Price: US $17.95

Pages: 296


As an adult, all Joram Darkstone wants is to be out from under the thumb of her adoptive guardian and to play music with her band. Life as an orphan is firmly behind her. When she meets the mesmerizing Naomi after a show, her overt obsession with the other woman baffles her friends but somehow feels right.

Naomi Kostopoulos grew up in the Carpathian Mountains, trained to be sensitive to magic and burdened with a heavy purpose: Guard the dimensional door at any cost when the time comes. Now living in Southern California, a chance meeting with a musician opens up dangerous possibilities. Joram may be a stranger, but her voice echoes from Naomi’s childhood dreams.

As the signs of magical cataclysm swirl around them, Joram and Naomi are bound inexplicably closer by love… And destiny.

Two women on opposing sides of the battle between good and evil, both pawns in a game they don’t fully comprehend…

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Joram Darkstone

Grand destiny awaits Joram, at least according to her mentor and patron, Professor Anders. He saved her from the streets and taught her everything he knows about music. He calls her the Harbinger of the Invocation, whatever that means. Little does she know that he’s taught her more than music, and her life is in peril from one who’s destined to stop the Harbinger.

Naomi Kostopoulos

Raised in the Carpathian Mountains, little does Naomi realize what’s in store for her. Eventually she realizes her adopted mother is an ancient goddess, elves exist and an evil wizard wants to invoke the opening of a dimensional door to exploit the magicks of the fey. Her goal, her reason for being, is to destroy the Harbinger that will destroy the world.

What People Are Saying:

Darkstone is a very enjoyable read, and introduces many new ideas and concepts, as well as a very scary villain.

R. Lynne

I’m a pretty in-the-moment reader, so maybe it’s no surprise that I had no idea what was up with the cargo, but I was pretty shocked when that one came to light….is a great, nail-biting story. If you like adventures in space and lesbians—and their relationships—in peril, then you should buy it now.

The Lesbian Review

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