Freya’s Tears

Bella Books

Publication Date: June 2014

ISBN: 9781594933844

Price: US $16.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 208


Though desperate for money for vital repairs and fuel, there are jobs that Captain Elsibet Ulfarsdottir of Freya’s Tears won’t do. Smugglers of all kinds dangle big rewards, and her unpaid crew—including her lover Bennie Takahashi—urge her to take them.

Not sure how her fortunes as a merchant spaceship captain have driven her to consider working for slavers and biomed thugs, Els grabs the only deal that looks legit. Her lover and crew are happy even though Els remains uneasy.

Truth and lies can crack wide open in the cold runs between space ports. Betrayed and hunted—and discovering she’s now party to an unspeakable atrocity—Els finds her command under siege. The only person she might go to for aid is gunner Kasli Holt, but pity the fool who forgets that trust and profit never mix.

From the author of the runaway bestseller Broken Trails!

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Els Ulfarsdottir

Down and out, Els struggles to locate work for her mid-range hauling ship. It ain’t easy when living paycheck to paycheck. The crew is grumbling, paychecks are late and bonuses are a distant past. It doesn’t help when the woman she thinks she loves pressures her into decisions she doesn’t want to make. But maybe this job isn’t hinky…maybe. At least Els has Kasli to commiserate with when things go south.

Kasli Holt

Gunner Extraordinaire on board Freya’s Tears, she’s enjoyed a deep and abiding friendship with Els…at least up until Bennie Takahashi comes aboard. The doctor has the intrepid captain wrapped around her little finger–with thumb restraints. Kasli knows better than to denounce the troublesome woman, instead biding her time and giving Els the support she needs.

Bennie Takahashi

Bennie is a rich little party girl, used to rolling in the credits. Therefore she’s hit major culture shock being aboard Freya’s Tears. Her lover is captain but doesn’t have the ambition to go with the title. Bennie will fix that; it’ll just take some finagling…and finding a way to get rid of that pesky gunner, Kasli Holt.

What People Are Saying:

With abundant joy, each page unfolded into an incredibly well crafted, unique, science fiction tale that was replete with an astonishing voice of the storytellers of the past.


Freya’s Tears is an exciting science fiction thriller complete with mutiny, lies, and travel through space.

R. Lynne

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