Inner Sanctuary, Book Three of the Sanguire

Bella Books

Publication Date: October 2012

ISBN: 9781594933103

Price: US $15.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 284


Find allies in old enemies. Embrace a familiar, forgotten love. Recognize who you are—and who you aren’t. These are the tasks laid out before Whiskey as she struggles to accept that she is the lost Queen Elisibet.

An assassin, whose employers have no need of a new High Queen, is dispatched by a competing ruling council. Blood will be spilled in the streets of Seattle as all the players are forced to line up on one or the other side of the battlefield.

Hunted and haunted, Whiskey cannot deny her growing power and the call of her destiny. Only a short time ago the only thing truly hers was her name—must she give that up as well to assume her place in Sanguire history?

The mesmerizing Sanguire trilogy from D Jordan Redhawk unveils the bloody balance of an ancient conflict between undying races.

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Jenna "Whiskey" Davis

Settling into a comfortable relationship isn’t easy when dealing with the ancient memories of a violent despot, but Whiskey does her best. She’s learning how to run a multinational conglomerate under the tutelage of a number of elder Sanguire who are loyal to her. Or are they? Someone wants her dead, someone who can access The Davis Group fortress with impunity to kill and kidnap. Who will die next? And can Whiskey protect her people or make the ultimate sacrifice?

Margaurethe O'Toole

Things are running much smoother for Margaurethe now that Whiskey has accepted her destiny. If only Margaurethe could keep Valmont away from her. He and Elsibet were like fuel and fire in the distant past, and Margaurethe can see that the draw remains. A killer stalks the halls of The Davis Group despite her best efforts, and Whiskey’s life is at risk. Margaurethe has waited four hundred years to see her lover again; she’ll be damned if she’ll do it again.

What People Are Saying:

t’s one heck of a roller coaster to get there and again D. Jordan manages to draw the reader completely into this urban fantasy and the world of the Sanguire and leaves us enthralled!


D Jordan Redhawk’s…story is filled with betrayals, pacts, murder, and revenge. Her books are a roller coaster ride of day to day life, excitement, and romance.

R. Lynne

…I found the character of whiskey absolutely charming…


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