Lichii Ba’Cho

GCLS Goldie, Finalist, Science Fiction, 2015

Bella Books

Publication Date: February 2014

ISBN: 9781594933417

Price: US $16.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 224


The Lichii Ba’Cho—the Red Wolves tribe—defend what is theirs in a world where corporations rule and technology is only available to the rich. After weeks of intermittent firefights with the Aryan Brotherhood and dodging the persistent attacks of the Azteca, Dusky Holt and her clan intervene in a skirmish where a lone woman appears to be the survivor.

Sam Elias thought she knew what she was getting into when she agreed to be a courier for Canadian GovMin into the United States. With data loaded safely into her cerebral processor, all is well until her escort is ambushed. The arrival of Dusky Holt and her Ba’Cho saves her life…for a few more hours.

The data Sam holds in her head is wanted by powerful forces who will kill anyone in their way. Dusky knows Sam is a danger to her people—and her peace of mind. With a world in turmoil, and her people at risk of dying out, the desires of her heart should not matter. But they do…

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Dusky Holt

A running war with the Aryan Nation in Idaho’s panhandle has decimated Dusky’s tribe, a nomadic family of bikers that have taken to the highways to avoid Uncle Sam’s continued exploitation of their race. She, her uncle and a distant cousin are all that are left of a once proud and strong people. Drifting, they come across an Azteca Corporation ambush of a military convoy. A woman climbs from the wreckage, neither government or corp, and Dusky is unable to stay away.

Sam Elias

A Canadian national, Sam has picked up a lucrative job as a data courier between Canada.Gov and Uncle Sam. She has no idea what’s on the data chip in her head, but apparently it’s important enough to kill for. A trio of rough bikers come out of the hills and she’s given a choice–go with them or wait for any of several powerful opponents to find her first.

What People Are Saying:

What follows is deep intrigue on the part of the corporations, many bloody battles, as well as an unfolding tender love story. The chemistry between Sam and Dusky is amazing!

R. Lynne

…this is quite a fun read and reminds me a little bit of a very old movie Johnny Mnemonic (but better).


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