Orphan Maker

GCLS Winner, Lesbian Young Adult, 2014

Bella Books

Publication Date: January 2013

ISBN: 9781594933196

Price: US $15.95 / eBook $9.99

Pages: 270


Ragged, starving refugees want to settle in Lindsay Crossing. In a world waking up from a devastating plague, control of resources—and people—is the key to survival. Marissa Loomis has grown used to fighting for herself and her family. The newcomers are a threat, but they can’t be left to die.

As the fragile society plans to grow by scavenging the deserted cities, newcomer Gwen finds herself torn between the man who saved her from starvation and the compelling woman who represents reason and power in what’s left of her world.

But what can Gwen make of the enforced secrecy about Loomis’s past, and the nightmares that erupt every night? Is there something worse than plague that has driven Loomis to the edge? Love, revenge, cruelty and honor swirl through this page-turning novel from the author of The Sanguire Series.

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Marisa Loomis

It’s been five years since the deadly illness that swept through the world, killing all the adults. Loomis, on the cusp of adolescence, barely survived. Now she’s a leader among children, forging a new society in the mountain village of Lindsay Creek. Life isn’t easy, but it’s about to get more difficult when a group of hardened city kids arrive in search of the promised land, chief among them a bitter young woman who worms her way into Loomis’s home and heart.

Gwen Grant

Since she woke from her illness to discover her perfect suburban childhood destroyed, Gwen’s been on the run, searching for someone to protect her from the terrors that have been unleashed. She and her man, Weasel, lead the exodus out of the decimated city to provincial Lindsay Creek. There she finds Marisa Loomis, a powerful force and an enigma, one who dislikes the yoke of leadership but doesn’t turn it down. Gwen finds a way to ingratiate herself with Loomis, eventually learning lessons of love and trust she hasn’t found anywhere else.

What People Are Saying:

I loved the answers D. Jordan was giving to the question “what if the world as we know it ended tomorrow?” and think this is a brilliant addition…


Redhawk is as amazing storyteller. She can jump from genre to genre and weave wonderful tales. Her post apocalyptic world felt real and the things the survivors did to survive were intriguing.


…both [characters] had so many walls that were torn down because of each other. I generally don’t like stories that involve abuse, but it fit here.


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