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Publication Date: August 2017

ISBN: 9781594935831

Price: US $16.95 / $9.99

Pages: 256


It’s been a year since Darkstone opened the doors between Earth and the fairy dimension, ushering in magic and mythological creatures—a year fraught with miracles and disasters as mankind struggles to live with forces long deemed imaginary.

Wild and youthful Gillie flees her English home to roam this new world. Her travels take her to Portland where she meets Lindsay, the girl with the blue hair. Gillie’s attraction is instant, but something magical has chased her across America and she shouldn’t stay long.

Formerly homeless, Lindsay’s devoted her life to helping street kids. Gillie’s appearance at the outreach center sparks a dread allure, one that urges her to overstep the bounds of social propriety. The question is moot after something ethereal targets both her and Gillie, burning down her apartment building.

With no safe haven, they are on a desperate scramble for answers, hopping freight trains to escape their pursuers. Who wants Gillie dead and why?

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Gillie loves her down-to-earth family, but her wandering feet won’t let her settle down. Her travels carry her from her Irish homeland, across the continents and on to the Americas. The perils of hopping freight trains are nothing compared to finding the girl with the blue hair…not even whatever creature is trailing after Gillie with nefarious purpose

Lindsay Wells

Thrown away by an abusive step-father, Lindsay spent two terrifying years on the streets before she was able to scrabble her way out of them. Now she strives for a college degree in social work to help others out of such predicaments. Throwing away her precarious stability for a sweet-talking girl with an Irish lilt and mischievous wasn’t in the plan, especially with something ethereal and pissed off chasing them.

What People Are Saying:

This is a fun romp of an urban fantasy novel. Fans of Darkstone will appreciate getting another vision of Redhawk’s universe. 

The Lesbian Review

I enjoyed it for sure. Redhawk writes really well, and it is easy to get immersed in the book…has created a really good base for a fantasy world.

Lex Kent's Reviews, Goodreads

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