Tiopa Ki Lakota

Bella Books

Publication Date: 2005 (ebook only)

ISBN: 9781594938511e

Price: US $9.99

Pages: 358


Wi Ile Anpo holds a special position in her Lakota tribe—she is two-souled, born wicakte. Her visions of a life intertwined with the sacred white buffalo and a pale-skinned woman with yellow hair are mystifying and ultimately painful, but fate does not play games. She is a warrior and must live out her destiny.

Thrust into a terrifying foreign culture where she struggles to survive, Kathleen McGlashan Stevens has adapted from Ireland to the Ohio frontier. As first she can only see savagery and madness, but she finds an anchor in the warrior Anpo, then understanding…and then more than she could have ever imagined. But Anpo holds herself aloof, as if there is a secret Kate will never understand and a future neither of them will live to see.

Tiopa Ki Lakota brings to life the rich tapestry of Lakota culture and the historic landscape of the American frontier in a epic story of survival, hardship, sacrifice and love.

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Anpo Wi Ile

Anpo has been given a vision of a woman with hair like the sun who she will hurt and who will hurt her in return. Years later she wins a wife in a wager, and is abruptly faced with the reality of her childhood vision. How can this gentle woman cause the mortal wound in her heart?

Kathleen McGlashon

Kidnapped by hostile natives on the Ohio frontier, Kathleen travels miles until she’s traded to a Lakota man. Thrust into an alien culture, she struggles as a slave, unable to comprehend the language or rituals these savages perform. When she’s traded to a handsome young warrior, she despairs. But she discovers the warrior is a woman, one with a gentle soul. Will Anpo still be gentle when she realizes Kathleen was raped during her capture and she carries a child?

What People Are Saying:

Highly recommended with a glass of red wine and a box of kleenex on a cold winter’s night in front of the fire…

K. Johnson

A beautiful love story between woman of two different cultures.

Mel Swager

It’s been a long time since a book has made me cry; but the raw emotions in this book reached such a peak that I just broke. The quality of Redhawk’s writing creates a bond between the reader and the characters that all writers strive to achieve.


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