Continuing on with my Sanguire soundtrack theme (see entries for Whiskey and Margaurethe), this post will focused on Sublugal Sañar Valmont, former Defender of the Crown to Ninsumgal Elisibet Vassilas and current member of The Davis Group Board of Directors.

Valmont Strauss

Sanguire soundtrack

Valmont was an interesting character. In fact, he was the first one I “saw” in my mind’s eye…long before I created the Sanguire and Whiskey.

As I mentioned in my previous post, How to Grow Your Creative Inspiration, I generally build characters and worlds and plots as I go.

Valmont came to me in a dream after a viewing of “Queen of the Damned”. There’s a scene in The Strange Path where Whiskey first catches sight of Valmont on the side of the street — that scene is directly lifted from my dream.

So here are a handful of songs that embody Valmont for me.

Note: Remember, I’m a metal fan, and the majority of the Sanguire soundtrack is of that persuasion. Keep that in mind before clicking links!



Blood by Papa Roach


Valmont’s mentor, Nahib, has been condemned to death for speaking against the Ninsumgal. “Does it run in your blood to betray the ones you love?”

When Valmont confronts Elisibet, attempts to change her mind about the upcoming execution, their argument almost becomes violent. Valmont storms out, and this is how he feels.

It’s Over by Ditchwater

At some point after the execution, Valmont considers his relationship with Elsibet.

They’d been the best of friends for two centuries, but they had a sick chemistry together. Bonnie and Clyde, Micky and Mallory Knox, Valmont and Elisibet had the same thing going for them.

Now that Nahib is dead, Valmont is rethinking their past, realizing that how far they had dragged each other into blood and violence. With Bertrada Nijmege whispering in his ear, Valmont contemplates assassinating a woman he both loves and hates.

Sword by Ashes Divide

This song has a bit of a funeral dirge to begin with but picks up in tempo.

Valmont prepares himself for the upcoming atrocity, sharpens his weapons, dons his sword belt, and then marches to his destiny. As he moves through the royal palace, he convinces himself that he’s not killing his best friend in vengeance; he’s saving her.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with Elisibet; by extension, there’s something fundamentally wrong with Valmont, too. “Trying to humanize the enemy inside of you. We’re cut from the same cloth, but we’re all stained with the poison of pride.”

Perhaps by killing her, stopping the senseless violence against the Sanguire people, he can find the peace he plans to give to Elisibet. “The grace they despise won’t save you tonight.”

Cries in Vain by Bullet For My Valentine

The fury, the mourning, the soul-tearing hollow in his heart after killing Elisibet, Valmont is crying out. “Has no one told you your cries are all in vain?”

He believes he’s thinking of Margaurethe here, or Elisibet, maybe even Nahib, but in reality it’s his cries that are in vain. There’s too much blood on his hands, including that of the woman he had sworn to protect, sworn to follow in death.

Forever Can Be by Ashes Divide

Fast forward to modern day Portland, Oregon.

It’s been four hundred years (give or take) since Elisibet’s death. Four hundred years of a self-deprecating, hollow life. He’s getting to know Whiskey now, seeing the insecure young woman that Elisibet had never been in his memories.

Here he’s talking to both of them, the woman of his past and the woman of his future. Whiskey confuses him with her dichotomy. He sees so much of Elisibet within her, and is always startled out of his memories when Whiskey reacts differently.

As he continues on this new path, he considers that there may be hope in his future.



I have a total list of 261 songs on my Sanguire soundtrack playlist. If anyone wants it, I can send it to you. If not, I’ll post an entry as soon as I’m done working my way through the characters. There’s only one left – Elisibet herself.



What You Can Do

…Is comment below! When you read the books did any songs appeal to you? I’d love to hear how other people envision my characters!