(Or “2014-What a Long Strange Road It’s Been”)


overwhelmed under-motivated

You thought I’d forgotten about you, right?

Surprise! I’m still here and still thinking about you!

Usually thoughts ladened with a healthy dollop of guilt for ignoring the world, but they say it’s the thought that counts…

(Yeah, I don’t buy that argument either.)

Last December I developed a rigorous schedule of writing that included three blog entries and two mailing list broadcasts a month. I also planned to write three new short stories, three flash fictions and two novels.

I’m astonished I made it to March before drowning beneath my self-imposed deadlines and goals!


overwhelmed under-motivated

Added to my floundering was the sudden illness and death of my fourteen-year-old fur kid, Amber. That personal tragedy threw me out of the writing loop for the rest of spring and throughout summer.

My lack of motivation was aided by something I’ve recently discovered about myself — I’m RARELY productive during spring and summer. I always have to flog myself to get anything done.

Come the fall equinox, I begin planning and focusing toward my chosen line of work (getting things completed anyway) and busting out the word count.

I’m not sure how that personal knowledge will play out in the coming years…other than I might not spend future days kicking myself in the butt!

The key to getting past your personal foibles is to know yourself.

Hey! Get your mind outta the gutter! I didn’t mean in the Biblical sense!


David Bowie, overwhelmed under-motivated

Coming to the realization that I need to schedule myself a bit looser in terms of projects, I’ve restructured my writing expectations as a result.

* One blog entry a month – due out on the 27th
* One mailing list entry publicizing the blog entry – due out on the 28th
* A second mailing list entry (exclusive content) a month – due out on the 12th

Not only will this leave me more time to write the novels, but you’ll actually (theoretically) hear from me every month. Win-win!

(You’ll note in the sidebar that my 2014 Goals have changed. I’ve added what I think I’ll be doing next year in terms of novel writing, too.)

So What AM I Doing?

overwhelmed under-motivated

(Other than dithering?)

I signed a new book with Bella this summer. I can’t say I’ve been writing diligently on the manuscript but here’s hoping. I have a deadline now!

The working title is Darkstone, and it’s a modern-day fairytale with evil magicians, rock’n’roll and a dimensional door that either should or shouldn’t be opened.

Oh, did I mention it’s a romance? (Duh, right?)

I’m also waiting for edits on Lady Dragon, book four of the Sanguire series. This will wrap up Whiskey Davis’s story completely. No news on the publication date, yet.

That’s It

There’s not much else on my end. How about yours? How has life been treating you? Are you writing? Floundering? Need a shoulder to cry on? Someone to cheer you on?

Click and comment below! Misery loves company! Maybe someone has a suggestion to help you out!

I look forward to hearing from you!