(Or “Nothing up my sleeve… Let’s see what books I can pull out of my hat!”)


And so begins a new year. Wow! We’re almost halfway through January already. How’d that happen?

As any successful person knows, setting goals is one way to remain motivated. Well, that and threatening yourself with having to clean the bathroom when you falter. Just sayin’. In my house, I can’t think of anything worse. Cleaning the refrigerator might be a close second — depends on what’s growing inside.

I digress.

For the last five years I’ve written my annual goals on a Post-It note which is prominently attached to my computer. It gives me a framework as well as a constant reminder to get off my duff and scrub out the toilet…erm…write!

My 2013 list has been posted since the middle of December. (Why wait until the socially acknowledged first of the year for such things? New Year’s Eve is exhausting enough without having to contemplate the next year’s projects through a hangover.)

Writing 2013

So, here’s my list of projects this year:

* Lady Dragon – Book 4 of the Sanguire
Yes, folks, there will be another Sanguire novel coming out. I couldn’t tell the full story in just three novels, so I submitted a summary to wrap up most the loose ends to Bella Books. They accepted it. The deadline is March 15th. I think I’ll be finished by the middle of next month. I’m hoping this book will be out by early 2014!

broken trails
* Broken Trails – Contemporary
Yes! Broken Trails! With PD Publishing closing its doors, I’ve retained the rights to this book! Yay! I have to summarize and submit it to Bella Books, which will be done by the middle of next month.

* Ulina Mokupuni – Cyberpunk
This is a stand-alone novel in my cyberpunk genre, taking place on a man-made island in beautiful Hawaii. Corporate security versus undercover corporate theft.

* Edits

At some point this year, I have several novels that are going to come back to me for editing purposes. Not only will I go through one or two edits per manuscript, but I’ll have a final proof to read before they hit the printer.

* Lichii Ba’Cho – cyberpunk
* Freya’s Tears – space opera
* Lady Dragon – Sanguire 4
* Broken Trails – should Bella accept it.

* Ebooks

Another boon coming from PD Publishing is that I also have the rights back for all previously published material! Next month I plan on submitting them to Bella Books with the goal of getting them into ebook format! If they are accepted then expect to see these guys available for your ebook readers!

tiopa ki lakota
* Tiopa Ki Lakota – historical
* Warlord Metal – contemporary
* Castle Walls – fantasy
* On Azrael’s Wings – fantasy

Whew! Think that’s enough?

I have a couple of other novels in the wings if I have time… Since Broken Trails is already a completed manuscript I have it easy this year. The edits go quickly in the long run — maybe a week for each — and the final proofs each last a day or two. I expect the ebooks to go quite fast (especially Tiopa Ki Lakota. It’s already been through three THOUSAND edits in its lifetime…)

On the off chance that I do have spare time this year, I’m thinking about another cyberpunk genre that needs some tender loving care (Kou Itten) and perhaps a novel about a mail-order wife set in 1800s Alaska that I already have outlined.

It’ll be a busy year!

Today’s post was inspired by the Merry-go-Round Blog Tour, an ongoing tour where you, the reader, travel around the world from author’s blog to author’s blog. We’ve gathered several writers from amateur to professional, and we discuss one topic each month. If you want to get to know nearly twenty other writers plan for 2013 check out the rest of the tour! On the 12th, the entry was by Bonnie R. Schutzman. Tomorrow, see what Alex F. Fayle has to say on the matter! Happy reading!

What Does 2013 Have In Store For You?

Comment below! What books are you writing this year? What about books do you plan to read? Movies to watch? Goals lined up?